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By tovala_adam
It seems like this forum is a little broken at the moment. For example as I am editing this post, all the smilies to the right are broken images. When I created my account the placeholder text for the fields were all things like, "UCP_REG_EMAIL_PLACEHOLDER" and "UCP_REG_PSWD_PLACEHOLDER"
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By TS-Chris
Hello Adam.

UCP_REG_EMAIL_PLACEHOLDER and UCP_REG_PSWD_PLACEHOLDER seem a bit odd, but that's what our forum software put in those fields as a default. Theirs probably a setting we can tweak to customize those and we will look into that.

Smileys are currently broken and we hope to find a fix for those at some point, but that's on the back burner for now. We are aware of that though!

Hope this helps, and thanks for posting! :-)