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By languer
A while ago I was looking for an inexpensive GPIB to USB controller and found LQ Electronics' "UGPlus USB to GPIB Controller". I purchased it through Amazon and had it up and running within an hour. It is not the most fancy device, but it certainly deserves a look. I don't know if SFE has looked at it, but if they haven't I think it would be great if they took it for a spin. I talk a little more about my experience with it here. I decided to create this post about it to raise awareness that such a thing does exists at an affordable price.
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By darrellg
According to the results of the recent customer survey (, 70% of Saprkfun sales are for hobbyist use. Most new test gear uses USB and/or Ethernet interfaces. I don't work for Sparkfun, but those two facts would be strong arguments against carrying anything GPIB related.
By languer
@darrellg ; You are probably right. Keep in mind though that SFE already carries a GPIB to USB controller. And also that most HAM and used equipment comes with GPIB interface. Two others facts. My main thing was to bring awareness; it took me a few days of searching to stumble into that controller.