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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By gwerhart0800
I wanted to search for any post on the Sparkfun Thing (, but your search code has declared that "Thing" is a common word and is not searchable:

The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words: thing.
You must specify at least one word to search for. Each word must consist of at least 3 characters and must not contain more than 14 characters excluding wildcards.

Either fix your search code OR don't name a product with a name that is not searchable.
By CS Paul
Absolutely correct, sorry for jumping to conclusions. That I can't promise a quick fix on, but a bug has been filed. Thanks for letting us know.
By Erik
I went to change this, and it requires a reindexing of the database. I need to check if there are any better solutions to the problem. :-/