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By nonin
dear Sparkun Team

my single only favourite section of your videos was the regular New Product Friday

since you decided to change it's name and format and since you decided to make them appear randomly in un-reliable dates i practically stoped watching your website

i wonder if i'm the only one to miss the old familiar red boxes room enclosed beardy man show

when it went on i was aware of practically all your catalog
now i find it very tedious to follow with so many un-appealing sections with confusing names and unreliable periods

and i have lost track of what is in your catalog

please return to your classics, it makes audiences confortable and i'm not the only one to think so

or am i ?
By nonin
i'd like to add that with that classic format, the focus was really on your products, now it seem that what is important in SparkFUN videos is the logo, the fancy decoration on the walls (why do you shoot with such a wide angle if subject of the video is that tiny object on the table ?)

the red boxes space was great to concentrate the attention on the new products, and to watch how the beard was growing was entertaining enough for me

you sell fantastic DIY tools and to amuse the audience with varieties make it is great and fun but what i really find interesting about SparkFun is more the Spark than the Fun

personally, for Fun i much prefer to watch your neightbourghs in Boulder: SouthPark !
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By Ross Robotics
Agreed. Don't fix something that's not broke..
By nonin
WHAT ?????

Rob will not present the New Products Friday any more !!!???

that's really really so sad...

for so many years i've been watching every week his show
for me his section was the only really interesting video of all the SparkFun channel

i thing only Nick would be at level to replace him,
his hear and beard changes are as fascinating and quite more dynamic as the slowly evolving beard of Rob...

too bad, i guess we'll have to search refuge at AdaFruit's channel now

all the best Rob !!!