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By elliselkins
#184367 ... nced-guide

This advanced guide shows us how to reprogram the MaKey MaKey board using the Arduino board. This functionality is no longer supported in the latest version of the board (1.2). You can see a response from their support team about this here: ... ic=15340.0

I would have appreciated this information on this tutorial site because trying to search how to remap the MaKey MaKey leads to this tutorial but doing it in this manor is not longer supported.

Took me a couple hours to figure all this out. Hope this note can be added to the tutorial so that it doesn't waste anyone else's time. Thanks.
By JoelEB
Thanks for the notification, and sorry for your troubles. The information in that guide is still valid for Makey Makeys purchased from SparkFun. We have added a note to the tutorial stating if you do not have a SparkFun Makey Makey, then the instructions may not work for the variant of your board.