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By Node50
Hi all,

am trying to build a wireless indoor/outdoor weather station based on (retired USB Weather Station V3 ) i saw the v4 but my issue with it is it requires an arduino and has no Bee headers.

Can anyone share with my any major issues that the v3 had/has ?
why was it retired ? is it design issues or something else ?
are the bom list components designed to live 5+ year plus ?

any input on the V3 board will be great,

Many thanks.
By uChip
I've had one v3 up and running for a couple of years. It has a WiFly in the XBee socket connecting it to my home network. It works great and doesn't show any signs of imminent failure.

- Chip
By uChip
I set up the WiFly to send out UDP broadcast packets. Then I wrote a small app that listens for the packets and displays or logs the data. Since the packets are broadcast, any PC on the network can receive them and display the weather. I'm trying to get a friend of mine who is an iOS developer to port the app to iPhones and iPads.

The enclosure is not anything special. Just an open wooden box/shield that keeps the rain off but lets air freely move.

- Chip