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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By daemondust
It's great to see the RoHS icons on the site now. However, they leave a few questions. It would be nice to see a icons for non-compliant and unknown status products. As it is, I'm left to wonder if, for example, the Bluetooth v1.2 SMD Module is non-compliant, or if it simply hasn't been marked as such. The boards that are made from it are listed as RoHS compliant, so why isn't it? Icons to distinguish between these states would eliminate this ambiguity.
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By sparky

It's a work in progress. The Bluetooth SMD module is actually one of our first RoHS compliant items... And I totally missed it. Fixed now.

When in doubt, just email us and we'll check the status.

We're also trying to setup a pricing discount tier thing - 10% off for 10-99pcs of any item.

Also adding distributor access. We're getting more and more inqrs. and need to add a distributor list to the front pages as well.