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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By sonny1022

I am new to this site and was looking for a forum as such. i found a website called they sell kits(wi-fi) modules to interact with physical things. i was thinking of ordering a kit, but i was not sure. does this forum has anything to do with that company/website. If you guys are connected, just share some feedback which kit to order to get my feet wet. i am really excited about the IoT.


By sonny1022
thanks for replying part of my question. what suggestions do you have with so many areas of interest. i really want to start leaning toward connected device/microcontrollers/sensors/RFIDs, etc. what advice do you have about Kits for beginners?

By CS Paul
Sorry for the delay in responding. is a competitor/friend with a similar name, but we are not further related. As for places to start, we recommend the SparkFun Inventor's Kit:

They come with lots of experiments to try, and the broader Arduino community is huge. We also have a broad selection of Arduino shields:

to help you easily access to the RFID/wireless/etc. devices. If you have more specific questions or just want a bit more personalized help, email