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I'm new here and know nothing about electronics, other than the fact that I consume them.

I'm attempting to make a small solar powered electric motor which will turn at less than 10 revolutions per minute. I would like this to be able to be powered by ambient light, similar to the dancing daisy pots you see in office spaces ( ... B005LQ81LI). I would only place eight to sixteen ounces of weight on the end of the motor; I am planning to hang it from a ceiling, motor drive facing the floor. I'm going to attach some trinkets to the drive axle and let my kid stare at them as she gets ready for nap/sleep, etc. I'm hoping the slow spinning will help her relax.

Anybody have any ideas? I purchased a brush motor and a solar cell but the motor spun extremely fast and the solar cell only powered when in direct sunlight. At some point it would be nice to incorporate a battery to store some energy for night time spinning.

I've been looking for somebody in the Seattle/Tacoma area who would have this expertise, but I'm not sure where to go or what title a solar trinket master might have.

Blake Smith, CPA and guy who knows nothing about electronics
By CS Paul
I can't help you myself, but you'll probably have better luck over in the Projects section. The folks who can provide the most assistance are less likely to see your post here.