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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By Mee_n_Mac
Well that was a surprise. So far so good but for (perhaps) 2 things,
- Can threads still be marked as solved ?
- The link to the SF homepage now goes to the forum homepage. I liked the old way. The 'Board index' link still works and takes you to the forum homepage.
By TS-Tim
I noticed the link to the website changed to push back to the forum home. I don't know how that changed, and unfortunately I don't know how to change it back either. Likely it's associated to this theme that I turned on, but digging around the back end I can't seem to find where to edit that link.

As for marking threads as solved, I know I saw that in there some where. I'll turn that back on if I can find it again.
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By Ross Robotics
There are few things I would like to bring up as well and I don't think posting a new thread is neccessary.

I noticed that when members post code in code tags that it just makes a long post and not what it was designed to do, shorten the post and utlilize a scroll bar.

And another thing I noticed is that the Sparkfun team posting more. This is what needed to happen a long time ago, what I find is that your employees are telling people to email tech support. I am under the impression that this forum is to bring problems and their solutions to the public to help everyone. Now when an employee tells them to email tech support if they have any more problems takes away from the forum. So, with time, no one will post here and the forum will be empty.
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By Ross Robotics
And to change the link in the logo:

Under Admin CP
Styles Tab>Templates

Select overall_header.html in the drop down list.

Find this line (about half way down.) You can also select all>copy and paste it in your favorite text editor and search the text.
Code: Select all
<a href="{U_INDEX}" title="{L_INDEX}" id="logo">{SITE_LOGO_IMG}</a>
And change U_INDEX to the link you want.

Click Submit.

By TS-Tim
Hi Codlink, Great suggestions. We will look into getting things changed. I did want to point out that while we are pushing people to tech support, that tends to be in a scenario that will require a replacement or repair. We do want to support the community and keep the conversations here on the forums when it is possible to do so. I'll make mention to our team to be sure to be cautious of steering conversations away to email if it's possible to keep them on the forum.
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By Ross Robotics
Thanks Tim. Another thing that is missing is the "Quick Reply" button. It's not a big deal but it does save from having to reload the page for a reply.

Nice to see the forums starting to match the site. I hope you will further your knowledge of PHPBB3 to make it seamless. The software is real easy to customize. I own several sites with forums (not related to electronics) and you can't tell that they're PHPBB3 forums anymore.