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By free-bee
When I log into this forum, I can click "Log me in automatically in the future" (or whatever it says). But if I close the browser, Chrome, and reopen the forum, I'm logged out. Anyone else have this problem? I also noticed this on my college's computers with Fire Fox.
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By Ross Robotics
Make sure you don't have a setting that deletes cookies on browser close.

I am using FireFox and I am always logged in. Even after a few days of being absent.
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By Ross Robotics
I just noticed something strange, I just got an email notification from this topic but the link in the email is but the actual topic is at ( Notice the difference? http://forums.sparkfun vs http://forum.sparkfun?

That maybe what is causing this.. Check your links.

Think Sparkfun should look into this.
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By free-bee
I just logged into forums.sparkfun and went to another site. I came back and was logged out. So I changed the URL to forum.sparkfun without doing anything else and I was already logged in. Yeah, they need to look into this.
By Nick
Sorry about that everyone, we were serving up the forums on both hostnames, which causes your session cookie to be invalid when you jump between the two. I've added a rewrite line to nginx to redirect all traffic to, so this should no longer be an issue.
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By Ross Robotics
Thanks Nick. I never had a problem with the emails given a different link before I got this topic's notification.
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