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By skittlebit
When viewing a product, the images of the product show up in a medium sized preview as well as a set of smaller sized thumbnails. Clicking through the thumbnails changes the image in the medium sized preview -- but it also queues up a bunch of transitions in the large image modal (which appears after clicking the medium sized image).

That means that if you click thumbnail 2, 3, 4, 2, the large image upon opening immediately changes to image 2, then 3, then 4, then back to 2, and then finally sits still.

It would be awesome if this thumbnail-click-transition was disabled so the images don't dance around every time I try to view the large version (since I tend to go thru the thumbs first typically).
By notexactly
I'm still seeing the same behavior. I also don't like how it automatically advances because it often does so while I'm examining details.
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By Ross Robotics
Same thing happens to me while I'm examining the pictures. It advances and I have to keep going back. The only work around is to keep the pointer on the back arrow. That stops it from moving.
By Kamiquasi
It eventually stops moving around (depending on just how often you clicked the tiny previews) - but it's fixed, just hasn't been deployed yet :) Soon!