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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By osfreak
This look awesome! It was a shock with the new layout, I was on the site earlier and looked like the same ol' site, but when I returned I was confused, at first, at the new layout. At first I thought my browser was messing up on me, but I realized you guys sneakily changed the layout.

Anywho, like I said, I love it, looks great!
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By PoundSign2
It looks horrible! :hand: The site looks like a forum and a lot less like a place to go purchase product. Gives the sense that the tutorials are more important than purchasing product, which seems backwards for a business to do. :doh: Could care-less what EnginursDay is. I want product. People with money to spend want to spend it, not read what weird or wonky stuff is going on inside the SparkFun complex unless it relates to the reason for being at the website: to buy things! After all, it is a store.

Is there a way to revert back to the old design so I can find what I am looking for easier and without all the useless information bombarding me when I visit the website? :think:
By n1ist
Honestly, it doesn't look that different from the old version. To buy something, just click on the categories on the left side, like you used to do, or click on the Products tab for pictures to guide you to the category you want.

I think the SparkFun community is different from the person just wanting the cheapest clones from Arduinos-are-us. I come here more for the forum and the updates than for just buying stuff, and I am likely not alone.
By fkatzenb
I love the new design but I still cannot middle click for links and that makes me mad.
By CS Paul
Really, not much changed. The headers and categories look a little different, the blog allows for less scrolling to see past posts, and we removed the grey bars on the sides of the screen. Actual content has stayed exactly the same. But we think it gives it a lighter look, more free space type thing.

fkatzenb, what links are you unable to middle click? It's working fine for me.
By fkatzenb
I cannot select any link on SparkFun whether it is the Product Pages or the Tutorials. This is the same for any browser - IE, Firefox, Chrome.
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By Ross Robotics
All links work for me, (middle click, right click).
By CS Paul
I've tried both Product Pages and all over the Learn site, and all links tested are fully left, middle, and right clickable from Chrome. Not sure what to suggest. If I hear of more people with the same problem, I can start to dig, but don't have more to look for right now.
By richmit
Yikes!! The new layout looks nice, but no middle click! That's nuts!! ARGGGHHHHH!
By fkatzenb
I have tried three different computers with at least 2 different browsers each and no luck.