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By fusedlightning

I was really excited to see that Sparkfun now offers a larger range of FPGA products (Mojo and Papilio), and I myself recently ordered and received the Mojo v3!

There seems to be a lot of question and confusion in the parts comments right now, particularly with the Mojo. Because of this, I was wondering if there would be any chance of opening a small forum section up for specific FPGA questions. This might provide a better outlet for questions, as well as allow experienced users to provide support and tutorials.

Thank you!

By sgrace
I agree.

If Sparkfun wants to teach people more about electronics, this should be strongly considered. I did provide a Lunch & Learn to SFE on FPGAs back in December here:

I also wrote a tutorial that should be up most any day now. I really want to continue to teach people the power and flexibility of the FPGA by doing a series of tutorials, but it's hard to justify it (since I am a practicing engineer with very little free time to do things like this) when I see very little interest in it. Out of the IRC channel, there might be between 5-10 people who want to see it, and with that, it really isn't justifiable.

So, spread the word. Let's get to learning FPGAs!
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By phalanx
My apologies for not seeing this topic until sgrace's post. I added an FPGA forum under the Technical Discussions category for all things related to programmable logic.

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