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By 8Volts

I have achieved a proximity sensor circuit with
the tsop4838 ir sensor. However, I just ran into this part:

Now, I would like to know if anyone used the max44000
part for proximity sensing ????

And can anyone tell me what is the maximum distance
that the max44000 part can detect an object. In the spec
it says 1.5 uw/cms LSB??? From that info, how can one deduct it's
maximum proximity capability???

Also, what would be the benefits of using
the tsop solution versus the max44000 solution.

It seems to me that the max44000 is much simpler
to connect given that it takes care of all the
signal bursts for you!!!

a little undecided,I would really need another
point of view!!!

All feedback is sincerely appreciated!
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By CS Paul
I don't have an answer for you, but you'll probably find more help over in the technical side of the forums. The folks who can actually help help probably won't see your post here.
By 8Volts
Thanks CS Paul....

I don't think I am going to switch... as the costs
are very comparable between what I am doing
and what the max44000 is doing given that they too
have to use extra hardware if they want to have
a greater detection range than 30cm!

thanks for replying!

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