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By UNTEngineer
Could Sparkfun create a Google Sketch library of the Eagle parts they post? This would make my life much easier in producing 3D Renders of my boards, without having to go through the trouble of making parts every time I need them. It would also set a precedence for a standardized Google Sketch parts library for parts that are regularly used by most folks. :)
By SFE-Toni
I will pass along the suggestion, but I wouldn't hold your breath for one any time soon. Unfortunately, the list of other projects that need to take priority is currently rather long :/ Hopefully you can find some other users who are also creating parts and do some file swapping.
By kirash4
One option is to search the 3D Warehouse for parts and create your own "library". I've been using SketchUp to create 3D models for quite some time now and have created very few parts from scratch.

Also note that whatever SketchUp collection of models you create, won't necessarily "fit" someone else if they're not using the same Eagle libraries. For example, SparkFun's naming convention does not match Adafruit's. So if you use an 0603 Resistor from SFE's library, that name will not translate to SketchUp the same way that an 0603 part from Adafruit's library will and SketchUp won't know what to use as part.
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