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By Joeisi
Now before people go ranting on how this is too much work for too little benefit blah blah blah....
I think it would be interesting if SFE would make 3D models of their products. Yes, pictures are very very nice. That's one of the reasons SFE is where they are. But I have discovered a very interesting new technology: 123D Catch.
I don't think this is limited to personal use, so SFE could use it free of charge. Also, I am aware SFE has a very nice camera, used to take photos of whatever their hearts desire.

So my question is: Would this be to the benefit of other people, and could SFE implement this?
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By Ross Robotics
I know several sites like Fairchild and Tyco have 3D pdf files for their products. I would most likely buy an item that has a 3D rendering than one that just has a size spec sheet.
By Joeisi
A prime example would be for a 3D model of the CMUcam. There is no good documentation that can really describe all of the dimensions on the board, in order to, for example, make an enclosure without very painful research that I do not have time for.
By SFE-Toni
Hey all!

Thanks for bringing this up to our attention. I know there have been a lot of requests for 3d files for our parts being made available. I believe the main reason that we haven't previously is due to the fact that we haven't had a great, easy way to make this a feasible project to undertake. However, we are working towards a more complete, easy to update storage system for board files, code examples, images, tutorials, etc., so I will make sure this suggestion is seen by the correct folks for consideration of this. No guarantees of course, but we are working towards this, so it may be something we can implement slowly as we move forward.

Thanks for the suggestions! Keep them coming.
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By unexpectedly
Anytime I put together a test bench, I create 3D CAD files of everything in it and then share those on GrabCAD. I for one would LOVE love LOVE 3D files for products! :D I'm overjoyed that SparkFun has like everything on Fritzing, too! For electrical design, Fritzing is 3x or 4x more important than CAD, but when it comes to layout and enclosures, CAD is mandatory. My most recent completed project's case is a food storage box that turned out perfect. My current project is likely getting its case 3D printed. So CAD is mandatory for this one...

:) Chris
By SFE-Toni
In case you didn't see it, we actually did start a repository on GitHub for 3D models of our products, available here:

It's not super populated at the moment, but we are getting there. If there are particular parts you would like to see modeled, please send a request and we can get it into our system. Hopefully over time it will fill in and become an extremely useful tool for everyone.
By Tomdf
I know it has been said before, but I still feel the need to reiterate. 1000x scale SKP is incredibly non-standard, it's bizarre enough that I've find the models in the repository unusable. Sketchup is a tool designed for architectural models, not mechanical, and that is why the models have to be sized up 1000x, it is a band-aid solution. STL files cannot be modified in most engineering CAD programs and are thus limited in their application; think of it this way, your providing the Gerber files, but no Eagle file.

A standard already exists for 3D models and it is used by all of the big name resources such as Thingaverse, Grabcad, McMaster-Carr, and 3Dcontentcentral; STEP files.I'm an avid 3D modeler / printer and I would absolutely love CAD files of SF parts, please reconsider your decision to deviate from industry standard.
By SFE-Toni
These are all concerns that our 3D modeling team is aware of and is looking into. I will make sure though that your concerns are brought to their attention. We are still working out all of the kinks of getting 3D models of our parts up, so I'm sure we will continue improving the system as we go.
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