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By chartle
I know I had one item in my cart for a while. CAB-00506. I've moved stuff in and out mostly to checkout how postage worked.

Well logged in yesterday and now my cart is showing items rom my very first order.

By CS Paul
Does sound odd. It may have something to do with whether you were logged in or not when you were adding or removing the various items. We haven't had any larger reports of cart strangeness, but feel free to call or email customer service if you think something really is broken. Then we can get in and test your situation with you.
By chartle
Not a big issue more of a heads up. I was logged in since chrome autologs me in most of the time, but anyway, In case you want some more info it was order 511330 from last March. I wouldn't have noticed except my items in my cart jumped for 1 to 9.

Did you do some sort of data restore from 6 months ago? (I'm a network guy, :geek: mostly)