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By Grubi
Not that 3mm or 1.8mm is not small enough, but does anybody know some easy source for SMD blinking LEDs

One example are those boys - ... %20smd.pdf

but I doubt they want to sell me a few. I talk to some fellows and they say even bi-color variants are available. Search in usual places Farnell, DIgikey, Mouser and some other does not help too much.

edit : I guess question is not on the right place - moderator can move it anytime. Thanks
By Grubi
Well for any very small hobby models/toys there is usually need for some blinking LEDs. Instead of have microcontroller or entire Arduino board (which is modern those days), I can have several 1206 package self-blinking LEDs, glued and nicely connected with light magnet wire. Usually 5V are needed, but I think it can work on 3.7-4.2V / 1S LiIon.

Hope that clears what I need it for :D