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By mackrackit
I have purchased a FlyCamOne V2 and was hoping the instructions would tell how to control it via PWM ( the three wire connection), but the instructions do not. I see a couple of post on the product page referring to this but I am still unclear.

Does anyone have any pointers?

By fll-freak
Form the manual:
For the power supply, the FlyCamOne eco V2 can optionally be connected to a R/C receiver or
a separate LiPo battery...
To start or stop the recording shortly press the button of your free channel at the transmitter
(switches have to be switched on and off one time). To get into the next mode, keep the
button pressed for 3 seconds.
It would seem that the RC servo connector can be used to apply power to the unit as well as to control it. RC servo control signals are extensively documented on the web. If you happen to be using an Arduino, there is a library available to generate the pulses you need. In short, you need to generate a high pulse of 1 to 2 milliseconds long every 20 milliseconds. If you send 1 ms, that wold have the servo be at one extreme, and a 2ms pulse would be the other extreme.
By skimask
Hey Dave,
Just use the PBP PULSOUT, low idle, high pulse, as specified above, to turn the cam on/off.
Not sure about the need to send the pulse every 20ms. The unit might tolerate longer periods between pulse as most servos do..but that's easy enough with DT's int's.
Incidentally, I used one of those keyfob cameras for the same thing as the FlyCam, but started/stopped the recording while on the ground with the buttons. I cracked the case open a couple weeks ago. Wouldn't be too hard to add in a 12Fxxx to replicate the button presses as required.
(sigh)...more toys...
By mackrackit
Well that seems simple enough. Never messed with RC stuff before...

Yup, that is the plan, add a 12Fxxx to automatically go into the picture snapping mode at power up. Getting ready for a Grand Canyon hike and I am thinking of making the FlyCam into a helmet cam type of thing. I could just use the on-board button...