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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By fll-freak
An edited post does not show up at the top of the "View New Posts" list.

I use "View New Posts" most of the time to keep on top of what has been changed. But if someone simple edits a post with new information, I miss it.

I would like to see an edit treated as a "new" when sorting.

PS: I would also like to see the "View New Posts" option appear on all pages not just the top board index page.
By Nick
Fixed - when you now edit an existing post, it should mark the topic as unread for all users.
By fll-freak

Now I hope you can ad the "View New Posts" to most menus not just the top Board Index. As I navigate the new messages, I use this feature the most. Having to go back to the Board Index is a bit of a pain.