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By Inventor Alchemi
Sparkfun rocks! I know you've heard it so many times you must be developing an inflatable ego, Sparkfun employees and customers, but as a very happy customer I just wanted to sing your praises one more time.

I have successfully completed prototype #1 of a business invention that I won't reveal at this time using ONLY parts from Sparkfun. Everything went together without a catch (well, one mistake that I caught with your very affordable multimeter) and now I have a working prototype for testing my concept. Having placed four orders so far, I have totally restocked my lab except for a scope and more parts almost all from Sparkfun. Unfortunately I felt insistent on the quality of a Weller soldering iron if only for the fun of having that classic blue and black look on my bench, so I bought my iron elsewhere but hey, you can't have it all. I am sure your Haiko irons are just as good or even better value but I wanted a classic, call me nostalgic if you will.

I look forward to many future purchases, using your board service, and reading about the cool projects that people create with your wares. Keep it up, Spoarkfun, you're a true winner!