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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By popi

Just joined and spent my Free Day winnings. Yay!
Also a couple of oddities i noticed about the site:

You don't rediret to a secure connection (https) when logged in, also there is no notice that you even have that option.I found that out reading the forums... If not for the whole site, then atleast use a secure connection for the ordering process, where users enter their credit card information and what not.

Another way to futher secure credit card payments would be to join the "Verified by VISA" or "MasterCard SecureCode" programs. Is Sparkfun considering this?

Overall, the site is very easy to use and user friendly. The ordering process is simple and straightforward (although not as secure as i'd like :wink: )
Now i just have to wait for my shipment to arrive...
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By Frencil
Hey popi... congrats on your Free Day Winnings!

SparkFun does use a secure connection for our entire ordering process and there's no way around that. We've considered pushing to all HTTPS all the time but that's a challenge right now as we have a lot of content on pages that don't have an explicit need to be secure (like tutorials or blog posts) that comes from non-SSL sources.

We presently don't have plans to migrate to using a service like Verified by VISA but are always considering the options available to us in terms of what security benefits they offer, implementation effort, and impact to our customer base.