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By Beanbag109
Could someone help a noob?

Could someone please tell me what a "breakout" board is in VERY basic terms. I am soooo new to all of this.

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By leon_heller
It''s a PCB for a fine pitch device that brings the leads out to wider pads, making it easy to wire it into a circuit.
By Beanbag109
okay, so, (knowledge check) it is a board that will attach to a "main" board, that does a certin task, that is larger-and easy to work on.
A) True
B) False

C) All of the above... lol, just kidding

Thanks for the help!
By n1ist
To combine all the above: Breakout boards often describe one of two things

- Adapters to convert either connectors or ICs to a convenient footprint. This includes ones that go from a fine-pitch LCD connector to 0.1" headers, and boards with hard-to-mount parts (tiny surface mount parts, BGA or QFN footprints) and a header or connector. They often include other components that are always needed or have to be close to the part (bypass caps, pullup resistors, crystals). and are examples of this type

- Modules that encapsulate functionality, like a complete MP3 decoder/audio amp or USB to serial interface, that can be used as part of a larger project. and are examples of this type