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By flutin
I get the error message:
{"status":false,"message":"You must be logged in to comment"}
even after logging in to the site.

How do I post comments to product pages?
By Valen
I'm having the same problem trying to post a reply to todays Friday New Product post.
I enter my text, press the submit button, and a pop-up comes up asking me the "save or open with ..." question about some file named "post.json". I'm using browser Opera 11.60, build 1185. But IE8, version 8.0.7601.17514 asks and does the same.

Opening that "post.json" file shows:
{"status":false,"message":"You must be logged in to comment"}
But I am definitely logged in! I can see my profile settings and past orders no problem without needing to re-login.) I already removed any cookies for No help.
By CS Paul
This has been an elusive issue, which we have not been able to reliably reproduce. Some changes were made in the code concerning comments. Please let me know if you're still having problems.
By Nick
Valen wrote:Still the same. No noticeable change.
I just fixed this bug yesterday, if you still run into it please let me know what product you tried commenting on and I'll look it up in the logs.