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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By nysmitty

I'm new to Sparkfun, but not to this world, although I've been MIA for a number of years.
I'm posting a question here after not finding anything of substance on the topic across the boards, but forgive me if I've overlooked the correct spot for this.

I have a number of ideas for microcontroller-based devices - for fun/art purposes - and am looking for someone who I could hire to build out the idea.

Is there a centralized place on the board or this website where people like me can find people to hire?
I know the majority of this board is for makers to help one-another, and I don't want to pollute that stuff, nor get lost in that crowd either.

And if this is the best way to find someone for now, and you're that someone, please drop me a line.

By Colecago
I don't know if sparkfun has anything like that, but if they don't, you can check out Hackaday's forum section on contract work. Note, they appear to be down for maintenance at the moment.