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By phalanx
The forum software was recently upgraded and the process managed to break the log-in page which prevents people from logging in if they cleared their cookies. The Sparkfun IT guys are looking into the matter and will hopefully have it resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience.

By InactiveUser001
AHA! so that explains why I could no log in from another computer.

It said there was an image I had to enter the codes from - but no image :D
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By phalanx
That's the problem! Currently I'm stuck using my cell phone to post this since it's still logged in. My home computer is logged out.

By nickersonm
Sparkfun IT had me request a password reset, and that fixed it for me.

Also, is this why the forum link has disappeared from
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By phalanx
I can confirm that works because I used it to log in here earlier today.

I shut off the Captcha feature that wasn't displaying properly and with the few test accounts I've made, it looks like you can log in normally now.

By Xantor
Still one issue left:

when you have too many login attempts you can't login again until you solve the (missing) captcha. Even a password reset doesn't help.

I'm still logged in through cookie on this PC but can't login from elsewhere.
By stilldavid
Sorry for the recent issues here, all. It's been a really hectic week here at sfeHQ.

You should now be able to see the captcha wherever it is needed (mostly registration/lockout) and we've got a new theme to boot.

For those wondering, we moved the link to the forum to the "resources" box that's on most pages on It wasn't getting much traffic, and we wanted to put the link to "products" there, so unfortunately "forum" got the nix. We're still working through a lot of things on the site, so please let us know if you take issue - we're listening, promise.
By josephmdupre
My old login appears to be gone. (This is a new account.)
It won't let me log in with what I thought was the password, and when I attempt to reset the password it says username/email not found.
I tried to re-register with my old username and email, but it says they are taken!
By UhClem
The forum style is awful. It used to be that you could select different options but that went away a long time ago and left me stuck with the default. (There are other problems like the only language choice being British English.) Yesterday the color scheme changed to a low contrast mostly red abomination.
By fll-freak
UhClem wrote:The forum style is awful.
At the very least "less than optimum".

"View new" is no longer on each page forcing one to back up to see the next list of new messages. If this is just a new theme, than I am not impressed. If this gets us new features (have not found anything yet) than great. I assume we can tweek this theme to put back some missing capability?
By Nick
The new theme is just a quick fix for the captcha issues. As stilldavid mentioned, it's a very hectic week here at sfeHQ, and the forum theme will be getting some much needed attention in the near future.
By InactiveUser001
Its a temp fix - good IMO red is bad for people with visibility problems.

And looks blooming awful :D :D

But keep up the good work guys...
By kirash4
Seriously guys? Pink? Wow. Myah, the color scheme needs some work, it's hard to read.
By Mee_n_Mac
Not to pile on and knowing the present appearance is temporary ... when it is "fixed" try to make sure it's easier to distinguish btw read and unread posts and forums containing them. The top 1" looks great. The rest ... less than optimal. :roll:
By garyamort
#135286's phpbb.... it is a pain to skin... I wish someone would come up with a really decent free forum product for PHP. Fudforum comes close, but Vbulletin is the only really decent option.