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By Cannibal
Hi there,

When I log into my sparkfun account and select an address the 'Shipping Method' field refreshes but brings up no options...

I've used this address for a dozen or more sparkfun orders over the past 4 years and haven't had this problem before.

Anyone had similar experiences?
By Cannibal
Someone from support got ahold of me and recommended hitting the 'estimate' shipping button in the shopping cart. I'm posting this here since this is apparently a workaround for some, though it isn't working for me :/
By CS Paul
We've taken care of the source of most of the issues - an incorrect weight entered for TOL-10806. Are you still having problems with shipping quotes?
By Cannibal
My order did go through now, and yes I was trying to order one of those nice new scopes.

Thanks for the update (and I see that the number in stock has dropped by 5 in the last hour, so it seems several of us were chomping at the bit).