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By andrewmcdan
I'm trying to find out how Sparkfun manufactures PCBs or who does it for them. I'm in the process of starting a business building products that include one to five PCBs each and I can't find a economical way to have the boards manufactured and I wanted to find out how SF does it, seeing as how they once an entrepreneurship and have since developed in to a very successful business.

I'm open to suggestions on how to manufacture or have manufactured quite a few (500+) (sometimes large) PCBs. And for clarification's sake, let me say that I'm only looking for board manufacturing. All of the soldering and parts placement will be accomplished (almost entirely) by hand.
By macegr
Aside from naming a few specific board houses -- which I and others could, but compete with Sparkfun's own BatchPCB service -- are you really not able to find a source of inexpensive PCBs? It's flatly impossible not to stumble over dozens of options on the most vaguely phrased Google search along those lines.