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By webstersx
Hi there,

I've decided to get my hands a little dirty here and thought I would take the time to introduce myself in case there's some friendly regulars here :)

I've had an interest in this kind of stuff for a long time but never had the knowledge that I thought was necessary to get involved.

To help me out in the future, can you guys recommend a couple things for me?
- Some good reading to get me started on the basics
- A kit or pieces to make up my own kit of a few things to get me started

I picked up two boards recently which have just been sitting around because I had no idea what I could do with them or what they're capable of:
- Teensy++ 2.0 AT90USB1286
- and another board I can't remember the exact name but it has a marking of AT90USB1287 (AT90USBKEY?)
Can someone shed some light on what part these will play in future projects?

Looking forward to working on some neat projects :)