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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By grant.west
I don't know if you guys have heard of shoprunner or not, but it is a cool service that gives customers free 2 day shipping from tons of online stores. It works like Amazon Prime, but for more than one store.

Individual customers pay $79/yr and get free 2 day shipping from all the participating stores. I think Sparkfun should look into becoming a shoprunner store. My typical shipping costs for Sparkfun orders is around $8. That is pretty high compared to the online shopping average.

I don't really know about the retailer/shoprunner relationship, so I am not sure if this would turn out to be a good deal for sparkfun, but it is at least something to look into.
By CS Paul
Thanks for the tip! I'll certainly look into it, but can't make any promises. Most of the stores on there are a few orders of magnitude larger than we are.
By Mystakill
I was considering buying an ARDX kit to work on with my son over the summer, but Sparkfun's cheapest shipping option is $11.59; Solarbotics' shipping on their ARDX kit is free. I don't mind paying the price difference for the Sparkfun kit, since it has some extra components not found in the Solarbotics kit, but $11.59 is a bit much.