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By daemondust
I just got the digital caliper you sell. It looks great. I've already solved a couple mysteries with it.

Anyway, I noticed that there're two platic covers. One has the battery in it, but the other just has four contacts. Before I go looking at these with a 'scope, does anyone know what these are for?
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By sparky
I've seen CNC people hack them for slide positions. I though it was a PWM output or something similar...

By SOI_Sentinel
It's an SPC interface. There's several different formats out there, but the big ones are Starret and Miyuto.

Here's the pinout of your scale (scroll down about halfway) ... manual.htm

Possible formats are discussed herein:

I'm betting on the Mitutoyo format, but who knows?
Mitutoyo is the "800 lb. gorilla" in digital calipers and micrometers so I wouldn't be surprised either.
By daemondust
From looking at the output with a 'scope it looks like it's sending out data in the Mitutoyo format.

Where can I find (or how can I build) an inexpensive cable to connect to this? I should be alright with the voltage conversions and reading the data.