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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By fll-freak
Short of logging off and then back in, is it possible to reset the posts the forum thinks are new? I leave myself logged in for days at a time. The list of new posts gets very long. Now I have to log out and back it. Is there a "reset" button someplace I have not found? Could one be added? I know I have seen this feature on other boards.
By MichaelN
I remember a while ago they changed the timer the website used to determine this, at the request of a bunch of people. Personally I preferred it the way it was. Sorry, not sure about the answer to your question though...
By nickersonm
I'm not sure if it's what you're asking for, but there are "Mark forums read" and "Mark topics read" links in the upper-right of the board index and forum index, respectively. These clear the "new post" flag from all posts or all posts in the current forum.
By fll-freak
Not quite what I was looking for. If you mark the forums as read from the index page, and then you ask for "View new posts", you still get a list of posts that have changed since the last time you logged in. I think marking posts as read should clear the new posts as well.