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By Hypoon
Found one! On this page:, quantity discounts work correctly. On the page showing you the contents of the wishlist though, the quantity discounts are neither factored into the subtotals nor the "Wish List Total". I'll make my wishlist public if it helps, just let me know.

Good work on the new site by the way, it seems like it's coming along very well.
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By Quazar
I just posted several comments on the main site blog and tutorials. Even though the posts previewed OK, all the formatting was stripped away and the text posted as a single unbroken blob. It even removed the quotation tags so it ran together the original quote with my reply.

To see what I mean, have a look at my three posts here:

I generally put some effort into formatting my posts so that they are more clear to the reader, so it is a bit frustrating to have all that removed. Especially when the formatting shows up in the preview.

While I'm posting, I'll also ask for the ability to delete my blog comments - at least if nobody has replied yet.

- Dean

[EDIT] I just looked again, and most of the formatting magically came back. In other words, posts that I had just seen as unformatted blobs suddenly regained their formatting. I'll point out that the quotation tags are still not working right. My entire post was credited as a quote, even though only half of it was a quote. [/EDIT]
By wackojacko10101
I don't know if this has been posted already I did a quick skim of the posts but I one I found is that at the check-out that when you click calculate shipping it , adds a seemingly random amount to the total. ( ranging from $3.67 AU to $7.61 AU)
By MichaelK83
I've placed an order opting to pay with paypal, but I was not redirected to login to paypal. This might have been due to an extension I have in firefox, or because there were some backorder items. But now when I click "settle balance" in the order details, it's asking for my credit card details and doesn't give me the option to pay with paypal.
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By Quazar
Quazar wrote:I just posted several comments on the main site blog and tutorials. Even though the posts previewed OK, all the formatting was stripped away and the text posted as a single unbroken blob.
I think I figured it out at last. I had assumed the '>' quote tag is used per-line of a quote, but it seems to mark the entire remainder of the post as a quote.

This prevents bottom- and interleaved-posting; forcing you to top-post only. (see if you don't know what these terms refer to).

Lastly, the preview button does not show an accurate preview. This is particularly annoying since you cannot edit or delete a comment after you have posted it. Preview is your last chance to get it to look right, but it fools you into thinking it looks right.

Thanks for listening,
- Dean
By orcinus
Either the commenting system is buggy and eats news post comments, or SparkFun's got some severely hyperactive censors on board.

In any case, the two comments i've posted yesterday (in no way inflammatory or derogatory), which showed up (previewed?) fine at first disappeared without a trace after an hour or so. Which makes me wonder what the ratio of shown / posted comments truly is, as well as how much censorship is going on on the site in general.
By gregof
My shopping cart also got emptied today, but I have one item left(well 2 of the same items). Shall I begin clicking and selecting my 40+ items again or is this temporary in some way...?
Anyway, nice job with the new site!

// Gregof
By Greg Radion
Clicking RoHS icon brings up information with close icon in bottom right of overlay window, close button doesn't seem to be clickable.
Can still get out with ESC key
Using Firefox 3.6.13
By Kamiquasi
wackojacko10101 wrote:at the check-out that when you click calculate shipping it , adds a seemingly random amount to the total. ( ranging from $3.67 AU to $7.61 AU)
Just going to echo this one - though in my case, it's subtracting a non-random (that is to say, it's always the same) amount from my order total.

As far as I can tell, this happens with all currencies -except for- the U.S. Dollar.

Specifically, this is what I'm seeing:

If I go to my cart ( ), I have a total / particular item (LinkM) cost of:
AUD: 136.29 / 30.29
CAD: 133.58 / 29.69
EUR: 100.69 / 22.38
GBP: 84.95 / 18.88
USD: 134.75 / 29.95

Now if I click the "Calculate Shipping" link and select an address after going to the cart page / selecting a currency, I get the following total / particular item (LinkM) +shipping cost after the numbers are updated -again-:
AUD: 137.84 / 30.64 +29.89
CAD: 132.42 / 29.43 +29.29
EUR: 75.24 / 16.72 +22.08
GBP: 53.55 / 11.90 +18.63
USD: 134.75 / 29.95 +29.55

In that "-again-" seems to lie the problem. Taking for example the original EUR total cost over the USD total cost:
100.69 / 134.75 = 0.747236

Now apply that same factor to the already established cost of EUR 100.69:
0.747236 * 100.69 ~= 75.24
Which happens to be the oddball number suddenly presented after choosing the shipping address.

It looks like the culprit(s) is/are in sparkfun.js . The number-to-currency code (render_currency: function() which, by the way, is really neat - my computer is old and slow, so I can actually watch it in action ;) ) is run again (this.render_currency(shipping_calculator)) when selecting the shipping option (show_shipping_quotes: function(address_book_id, addresses)).
The intent is undoubtedly to convert the shipping cost from USD to whatever currency applies, but as render_currency always applies itself to -all- span elements of class="price", the conversions on individual cart items and the total price are converted 'again' (and again and again if you keep clicking the calculate shipping + address links (e.g. user changes their mind and selects a different address) right down to a total of EUR 0.00).
Plenty of ways to solve that one; personally I'd make it render_currency(container) the value of container being the container element whose descendants one would want to affect (defaulting to the main document if not supplied), and update show_shipping_quotes accordingly - though a more robust (additional) method is probably to store the value one wants to convert separately from the value that is actually being displayed to prevent rounding errors should the currency selector become all AJAX-ified as well.

Regardless, and thankfully for you guys at SparkFun, the correct totals are still in the actual payment processing pages. But it can be rather confusing: I was wondering why I was suddenly being offered such a great deal, even if I had to add shipping costs.

Back to shopping.. that Logomatic v2 is agonizingly tempting and I must read the materials to see if it fits my needs.
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