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General suggestions or questions about the SparkFun Electronics website
By Jesse B
Not exactly a bug, but just kind of a confusing option :D


"Yes" is not a Gender (last time a checked). If you changed "Gender" to "Sex" then it can stay though ;)

EDIT: That's not my phone number anymore, so I'm not gonna go to the effort of blurring it out :p
By follower
In Chrome (version 7.0.517.44) the search that is initiated by typing "" and pressing tab now fails as it uses this URL: ... n=products

rather than: ... t=products

And it appears this isn't the only instance: ... result.php ... ult.php%22

I assume it's because there's no redirects set up from the old search URLs?

By bbotany
Checking on mega8 prices, which I don't remember very easily, and they (the prices) are gone. Quantity remaining is also gone, but appears to be more than 38 by the sort order, which itself looks... odd: ... er_page=50

Can retired-but-not-sold-out items be a little more consistent, preferably in the direction of available for purchase?
By bbotany
With only a dozen items, my shopping cart now stretches past the fold. I would really like to turn images off within the cart so that i can see more - preferably all - of the cart contents on one screen while I am reviewing the order for correctness and completeness.
By Brodie
New Website is cool, fair bit slower on my crappy connection but otherwise good.... except, not a major issue but I think it's a bit funny that (shown in Australian Dollars) the price of items is shown to 4 decimal places, eg, $14.95 is shown as $14.9500.
As I said, not a real problem, just a bit weird
By catetronics
I'm more of a platinum guy, but I like the way you think.

As a side note, IT would love to have their own kegerator and a soft serve ice cream machine, so if somebody feels like donating the lowly sum of a couple of thousand dollars straight to us rather than ordering billions of LED's, this is acceptable as well.

It's better to receive orders which you can handle than taking bulky orders. Anyway, we all are choosing the cheapest but also had quality products. Anyway, May I ask where do u use the donation of thousand dollars? Are you using it to by your own ice cream machine?
By bricogeek
It seems all URL pointing to shows a 404 page.
Put a redirect in yut htaccess for that and also make a custome 404 document.

Should help:
RewriteRule*)$1 [R=301,L]

Also some little suggestions:
- Put avaliable stock (in numbers) in the category list (not only in the product page)
- Put a downloadable PDF of the invoice in order history :)

Anyway, nice work!
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