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By metalrex

I tore apart my old Blackberry and salvaged the screen along with the speakers for future projects.


Its a great screen, but the connector was SMD and the pins are too small for a human to attempt to solder them so I was hoping to see if anyone knows of a connector or breakout I can plug this into for reuse.

I looked around here but all the breakouts already have screens attached. Am I doomed?

By SFE-Robert
Unfortunately, you might be! We spend quite some time finding appropriate connectors for ribbon cables such as that. There may be a connector, but it's probably SMD! Is there a connector on the board that you can hot-air off?
By supertec2004
I have 4 of these screens, looking for a socket. Tried removing the little bugger but its so tiny no hope. I work in I.T. and we have a box full of old damaged, out of waranty blackberry's and I have removed the screens. I would love to use then in my project.
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By Snibble
That looks like a good candidate for coaxing off with a hot-air tool to me.

Alternately, it might even work with the "giant-blob-of-molten-solder-covering-all-the-pins-on-one-side-so-you-can-lift-one-side-at-a-time" desoldering approach.
By supertec2004
Its WAYtoo small. Here is a shot for scale...

My eye and hands, I would need a breakout. This sucker is tiny small.
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After finding out what diameter a dime is :roll: , i've come to the conclustion that it isn't "that" small - roughly ~5mm in length?
Adding solder each side to bridge the pins would work well to desolder it.
I have one too, also from a Blackberry, and I managed to take out the connector. Originally, I wanted to use it with a microcontroller (I don't expect it to be easy). But after googling for an hour, I couldn't find any datasheet or application information, only selling leads. Does anyone has a datasheet for this device ?

And on it's back there are 2 labels saying: ACX346AKN-8 726A43F and LCD-08818 001/003.
By noptical
Finding a connector is the least of your problems. Its very easy to desolder it with hotair anyway.
The problem is to find out what controller does the display have or else its useless.
The on-board controller is a flip-chip, with nothing written on it, but on the flexible band says: LMF-083. Googled for this one too, but nothing usefull. Are there equivalent displays to this one ? Are the pins standardized so i can find them in other displays ( similar to the lcd modules with HD44780) ?