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By Redbluefire
Gah, can't get checkout to accept my address.

This is quite exciting/excruciating.
By skimo
ahhhhhhhh nooooooooo

got to shipping

then crashed at this:


well, its a JS call and now you have to start from square 1 again to reload the page? :( :(
By KofS
looks like restarting the server fixed it for a minute or two tops
By HawkEye_Pierce
I was just able to enter my crdit card. I hope thats a good thing!

It crashed on the next page though :(
By KofS
i hope their idea of mitigation is not "Restart the web server over and over"!! :D
By Drakkn

still cant make it past the darned javascript call shippping screen
By hey.morris
This is officially retarded. I haven't seen my shopping cart, which I meticulously prepared last night, since the games began.

Love the idea, but not worth the migraine.
By reubanks
F5 ing it over and over is a waste of time, and it also ties up the servers even more so it is self defeating
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By Chupa
unsped wrote:it will be ironic that after giving away 100,000 dollars in free stuff there is a high probability that the net result will be:

1) new unlikely to be repeat customers with multiple accounts and scripts will get the majority of sales, the majority of those will be resold.

2) loyal customers will spend hours staring at a blank webpage that won't load, be late for work/school ultimately give up and be mad at sparkfun for how poorly the thing was run and ultimately have a worse opinion of the company.

i applaud them for trying but i think the growing pains might sting a bit. i think it probably should have been a lottery system where winners had a 'day' to redeem the codes (tying the code to an account or shipping address)

however if you think about it maybe the sparkfun crew are very smart, if its slammed all day and it ends at 11pm they might only give away 20-30 dollars worth of stuff :D

in all seriousness best of luck to you guys!

because its meant to be a thank you to everyone should of locked it down to people who have at least 1 order already.

Ide be interested in seeing some stats as to the % sales for this free day who were first time and then in 6 months see how many of them have bought anything else.

yes i am grumpy about it. no there's nothing i can do about it.
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By edembowski
geduxaz wrote:BIG - for SPF.. didn't they expect such amount of connections? why thei didn't prepare earlier.... waste of time in hope of miracle..... think never will come back to spf....
They did prepare earlier. If you read the blog, you would have read about the shiny new servers. I'm sure they're set up to deal with well over 100% normal capacity. What you (and all the other complainers) don't understand is that this is an abnormal load.

- Ed
By dslemons
HawkEye_Pierce wrote:I was just able to enter my crdit card. I hope thats a good thing!

It crashed on the next page though :(
Crashed or timedout? It timed out on me a good 6 times over about 20 minutes before it went through. It retained the number though!
By cguthrie6
I can't get past the verify shipping...
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