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By rcofer
I'm trying to hook 2 AS7265X sensors up to a Teensy 3.6 but can only get the sensor to be recognized if I connect it to I2C Channel 0 (pins 18 & 19). Is there a command to assign the AS7265X to another I2C channel? How do I modify the I2C library to get it to recognize two sensors and not just one?
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By TS-Mark
Hi rcofer,

The 7-bit unshifted I2C address for the AS7265x is 0x49 and is not configurable. To use multiple Triad Spectroscopy sensors on a single I2C bus, you would need to use a MUX like this. Our Hookup Guide for this will go over the basics of how to use it with some simple example code to get you started.