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By pgotseff
Setup: Blackboard -> via Quiic -> AS7265x was working fine with examples in SparkFun_AS7265X.h libraries returning values to Arduino serial monitor. Now AS7265x PWR and STAT light illuminate but sensor is not responsive and all examples in library can be uploaded but code
if(sensor.begin() == false) always evaluates to FALSE.

Are there QUIIC troubleshooting documents available to determine if the problem lies in the sensor or the Blackboard. I don't have any other QUIIC sensors to troubleshoot with. Recommendations?
-pete g.
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By TS-Mark
Hi Pete,

That is strange the board suddenly stopped responding properly to the sensor.begin command. Did you notice anything happen when the board stopped responding? For example, did the BlackBoard unexpectedly reset or brown out? Did anything in your circuit change? For example, did you add LEDs to replace the onboard LEDs or modify the board in any other way? One test you can do to check if the BlackBoard is still seeing the device on the I2C bus by running an I2C scan like this or by running the "boolean isConnected();" function from the AS7265X Library.
By Daemach
I'm considering buying this board but the schematic does not match the datasheet. Maybe that's why the board isn't responding. For example, here are the first 10 pins from the AS72651 datasheet that you provide a link to:


But in the schematic ( ... S7265x.pdf), pin 1 goes to SDA Slave, pin 9 goes to INT, pin 20 goes to SCL slave, etc.

Can you please ask the engineer to explain why the schematic does not match the datasheet??? $65 is a lot to spend on a board that cannot possibly work!
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By TS-Mark
Hi Daemach,

I believe that Nathan responded to your issue posted on the GitHub repository for our Arduino library here but to make the answer more widely available I will answer it here as well.

A short answer is the datasheet from ams has an incorrect pinout table. When the board was first designed, we used that datasheet and found it was not working so after reaching out to ams, we followed their Design Considerations document which has the correct pinout. We are going to update the product page for this breakout to have both documents available and some clarification regarding any confusion caused by that inaccurate pinout table.

I can assure you that these boards are programmed and tested here at SparkFun to confirm full functionality before they are shipped out and I hope this information and the information in the GitHub issue help alleviate any concerns you have regarding this board.

If you ever receive a product from us that you believe is not working, please create a topic in the appropriate forum and we would be happy to assist you with troubleshooting to determine the issue.
By Daemach
OK this helps. The design considerations doc has 2 schematics and it looks like your board is following the generation 1 pinout. Is that correct? Is there any functionality in gen 2 that doesn't exist in gen 1? Will the library work with both generations?

This is kind of confusing - I wonder why the device pinouts changed with the firmware.

Thanks for the reply. To be honest, I'm nervous about buying from Sparkfun because, while you answered this post, there are several others that haven't been answered in months. I've posted other questions in the SF forums that haven't been answered either - makes me wonder if anyone is watching.

Have a great weekend!