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By bwinter16
Could anyone please help me figure out a procedure to get the data from the pulse sensor (SEN-11574) uploaded to a computer so it can be processed into a custom formatted text or CSV file that can be imported to Kubios software for hrv (heart rate variability) analysis.
I believe a standard custom formatted text or csv file with interbeat interval (IBI) data is sufficient.
Alternately, are there any hrv sketches in the pulse sensor library that I could use?
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By TS-Chris
Hello bwinter. Thanks for your post!

The sample code for the pulse sensor may not have what you're looking for, but it appears the library does support IBI output. You'd probably need to modify one of the example sketches to give the output the software is looking for and then capture the serial output to a file with a terminal program that supports output to a ASCII file. The @PulseSensor_BPM@ example sketch looks like a good place to start modify from.

You can grab the latest version of the library here and details on the library commands can be found here.

The Arduino serial monitor doesn't support logging to a file but a terminal program like Tera Term has logging capability that can take a serial input and write it out to a text file.
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By bwinter16
Thanks Chris. I appreciate your pointing me in the right direction. This is all a bit over my head right now, but I’m sure I will gain a better understanding as I work on it.