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By Anode-Cathode
I have a question, if I can program inputs on the arduino board with the biometrics library to be RX or TX, am I able to transfer data through them like the templates that thes canner makes, or commands with those templates?

Im doing a project that uses biometrics systems and wi-fi connection, the scanner scans the finger and opens up a solenoid. The wi-fi module is like a monitor for it, everytime a person enrolls or compare their finger, the app on the phone notifies the user the info of the person like name, date of access or enrollment and show to the app user.

Is it possible to do these projections with the tools available?

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By TS-Mark
Hi AnCt,

I'm sorry but I do not fully understand your question here. The GT-521F32 can certainly work for a project like this with the right code supporting it. Are you trying to send template data via serial using the FPS_GT511C3 library? If you're trying to do that, a good place to start would be using the ID Finger Example. That checks a fingerprint against the enrolled database and if it finds it, will print the ID number. From there, you can just send the serial data of the ID printed in the example over WiFi however you would like. Since the example uses SoftwareSerial, you can use the hardware UART or you can create a second SoftwareSerial port to send the data via WiFi.

For a full list of the available functions and notes on what they do and how to use them, I would recommend taking a look at the C++ File for the library. The functions that will most likely be important to read up on will be the Identify/Verify functions starting on line 574.
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By TS-Chris
You might try looking at the FPS_IDFinger example in the library. That should point you in the right direction.
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By Anode-Cathode
Right, Im reading here the example codes, the id in id_example is saved as an int value which is useful. Now the fps. commands need to have Serial() activated to use them?


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By TS-Chris
Hi Anode.

The sensor communicates serially so you would need Serial or software serial in your code to talk to it.