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By frank26080115
I'm looking for some power consumption specs for the GT-521F32. I want to use it in a battery powered application. There's a low power mode but I'm not sure how much current it uses. Also not sure how the capacitive (I think?) finger detection fits into the power consumption figures.

It seems like this info is missing from the datasheet. If anybody has any measurements that'd be great.

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By TS-Chris
Hi Frank.

The data sheet has this information at the bottom of page 6. What that's saying is you should see a maximum of 130mA depending on what the sensor is doing at the time.

They don't provide figures for the different modes so you'd need to connect an ammeter up and then set the mode you want to test to get an idea what the current is in that mode. Chances are the current level probably changes a bunch depending if it's taking a reading or doing some sort of processing no matter what mode you have it in.