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I'm currently trying to use the AD8232 breakout board for recording electroretinograms (retinal potential evoked by light stimulation) instead of ECG - I'm able to get nice responses, but unfortunately the breakout board incorporates the manufacturer recommended low-pass filter of ~40 hz, thus cutting out a significant portion of the ERG signal (typically in the 0-300 hz range) - is there a straightforward way to modify the breakout board for a higher low pass frequency value (e.g., introducing a wire to bypass the low-pass filter)? I've just never tried before and was wondering how hard it would be to do so.
Hi floomich86.

It's beyond the scope of our technical support, but you would need to change the value of some of the resistors and capacitors on the board to modify the filter. Unfortunately there's not a simple way to bypass the filter. The datasheet should give you some clues as to what to modify but sadly we're unable to assist.

As always, if anyone else would like to assist, we welcome your participation.