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I am working with Gt-521F32,every thing is working fine.I cane able to implement all the functions and i can able to make and run code for Delete also.
But here my question is in Gt-521F32 libraries some functions are not implemented due memory restriction on the arduino.
If i need to use those functions like
and more functions which are already defined but there is no expansion of above functions in .CPP file library with below message.
"Not implemented due to memory restrictions on the arduino."
How can i use them can any one tell me?
Unfortunately you will need to write your own library and use a different microcontroller that has more memory if you want to use those functions. Our library and hookup guide is geared to using these sensors with an Arduino Uno and the Uno just dosen't have enough memory to handle images.

You might consider using a Teensy or Raspberry Pi to do this. Either will have plenty of memory and processing power to handle a fingerprint sensor. The only hard part on your part would be writing a library with the functions you are needing.