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I am working with Gt-521f32 with Spark fun red board, here my question is below.

Is it possible to store or enroll more than one finger for same id.That is i have enrolled for Id no:1 with my right hand thumb finger, after that is it possible to enroll for same Id no:1 with my left hand thumb finger.

why i am asking these question is Gt-521F32 can store up to 200 finger prints with templates internally, there is no space more than 200 finger prints.

If is it possible to store more than one finger print for same Identification number how it will be possible,please let me know brief ASAP.
Hi siva bharani,

Unfortunately, I do not believe there is a way to attach multiple fingerprints/images to a single ID. You are limited to 200 individual IDs on the GT-521F32. The other version, the GT-521F52, can store up to 3000 individual fingerprints/IDs so if you need over 200, you would want to use that instead.
Hello Sive.

I'm afraid we don't offer a fingerprint sensor that allows multiple fingerprints per ID. I'm not aware of any that would allow you to do that.

An alternative would be to store each fingerprint as a unique ID and then in your code, keep track of what IDs belong to the same user. The fingerprint sensor would be treating every ID as a different person but your software would keep track of what individual IDs belong to the same person.