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By adaml
I am using the AD8232 with Arduino to get an ECG and EEG and get a good signal. I want to extend it to more channels and I'm wondering if someone has tried to use multiple AD8232 units to do this. Is there a way to connect several units to get multiple channels? I am wondering how to deal with the RL input and how to specify a reference node. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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By TS-Mark
Hi adaml,

That is an interesting idea but I am afraid we do not have much help to offer with the specifics of how you would need to wire the electrodes to get good data. The output is just an analog voltage so you could easily connect more than one of these to a microcontroller on an Arduino using different analog inputs. There may be other users here who have more experience with ECG/EEG signals who could provide some insight into dealing with the other factors (RL input and reference node).