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By TS-Chris
JPEG is fine. You could even link to photos on a photo of file sharing site if you wanted too. Video would be too big to post so a link to that (Youtube?) would work.
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By Stefanolof
Here's a jpeg... reduced resolution. Working on youtube video--first attempt very poor quality.
You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.
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By TS-Chris
OK, it looks like you're still trying to compile code on a Pi.

Here's what I'd recommend:
  1. If you have a PC, use that. This is much easier to do on a Windows PC than on a Mac.
  2. If you don't have a PC, go back to your Mac and delete Arduino.
  3. Download and re-install Arduino.
  4. Install the drivers for FTDI on your Mac. (Directions can be found here on how to do install drivers on a Mac.)
  5. Now, try uploading the blink example to the Pro Mini. Make sure you have the correct serial port selected and the correct board/voltage selected.
If you get this far, everything else in the tutorial will work just fine.
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By Stefanolof
I think your note about the newer 328 3.3V Arduino version may be the clincher for success since that's the only real change I made in the sketch--on the Raspberry Pi Zero, which solved the problem! Many thanks for your patience here.
Now for writing the graph to a video output file! I may have to return here again . . .