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By siva bharani
I need a little clarification on the GT-521F32 and GT-521F52 finger print module.
My question is for enrolling the finger print i will take three finger templates and combine them into one template,but at the time of enrolling it is taking three finger print templates why we need to place in same position for every time,if we are not placing in same position enroll of finger print will be failed and need to restart the process form first.I don't know why we need to place the three finger templates in same position,if it is taking all the three finger prints in same position why can't we just enroll with single template.
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By paulvha
According to the programmers manual (page 19 / 5.11) it will merge the 3 templates/enrollments into 1 template to store. Removing your finger and re-apply in between the enrollments, will hardly ever create exactly the same template, but one with enough overlap between them to create a single version. This will increase the chance for a positive match at a later stage when you expect it.
By siva bharani
Then according to programmers manual we need place the finger in same position for 3 templates,but if we use these module in our project for security purpose,the users did't know they want to place the finger in same position at the time of enrollment,These will be a serious issue from user and failure from the product side.can we overcome these in any way.
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By bboyho
I'm not sure if this is a failure from the product side for enrollment. It's as if you were enrolling your fingerprint with a smartphone. It would require more than one enrollment in order for the scanner to recognize your fingerprint.
By siva bharani
I have bought GT-521F32 from sparkfun. It is working very good,there is no such issue in enrollment as i discussed above,we don't need to place our fingers in exact position during the time of enrollment,but just it should be similar.i liked the product very much.