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By Stefanolof
New to this game!
Using the ... -guide/all page, but can't find any reference to using raspberry pi computer for display, or how to run the arduino sketches. Tried installing arduino, but get a java exec. error just trying to run the IDE.
What does the raspberry need to 1) understand the sketches (C++?); 2) to hook up to the ad8232/promini238 setup; for example, can I power the boards with the raspberry 3.3v output, or do I use the usb cable from the FTDI to the usb Raspberry input? will that enable both powering the boards and displaying the board output?
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By TS-Chris
Hello, and thanks for writing!

For help getting the Arduino IDE running on a Pi, you're going to need to ask in the Arduino Forum. Unfortunately we have never attempted to get the IDE working on a Pi. From your description, it sounds like you're either missing Java or the version of Java the IDE wants, OR your IDE download might be damaged. The folks over at Arduino or other Arduino/Pi users should be able to help you get that all figured out.

I don't think the Arduino IDE works with C++ code, but it will work with C code provided it's formatted the way the IDE is looking for. Arduino code would be fine in the IDE.

Also, you can't program a Pi in the IDE, but you can program an Arduino board. You're probably going to want to connect your AS8232 to an Arduino and have the Arduino communicate with the Pi over USB.