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By bimScore
I have a cricket scoreboard that has multiple (high amp) 7 segment replay controlled by 74HC595 shift registers with 74HC245 logic gate.

Each single PCB board has TWO 74HC595. to control 2 seven-segment led sets.
Each single PCB board has ONE 74HC245D 8-bit bus transceiver 10 pins in 10 out (with a logic of: A?,B? or keep going??)

The Cricket scoreboard chains these boards to display something like this

888 888 888
88 88 888

For a total of 8 PCB boards chained.

The issue:

The scoreboard is controlled via RF remote that is very "finicky" at best.
We want to bypass that interface and somehow use a RASPBERRY Pi(wifi) to control the SPI interface of 10 pins to the 74hc245 chips that are chained.

Any thoughts?